THT Mechanical also provides Preventative Maintenance services for Commercial businesses. With THT you get the best quality of service and also get reminders on when your PM is coming up!

Don't wait for problems before you call. Preventative Maintenance can help keep your air conditioning system and HVAC running in top condition for a lot less than repairs or a new system. Maintenance involves checking your system, repairing any leak, cleaning the coils, and changing the filters. We can help you spot problems before they become apparent and begin to affect the quality of the air your unit is putting out. Schedule a yearly preventative maintenance to help extend the life of your HVAC system.


THT Mechanical offers a 28 point inspection in order to diagnose any upcoming or current issues.

Our inspection consists of the following:

  • Checking the thermostat

  • Checking filters

  • Take return air temperature

  • Take supply air temperature

  • Take and check amp draw of condenser motor

  • Check condenser fan blades and hubs

  • Inspect compressor

  • Take and check amp draw of compressor

  • Check heat pump’s operation of reversing valve

  • Inspect the control board

  • Inspect compressor contactor

  • Load test on capacitor

  • Check start device

  • Check all fuses

  • Check and Take refrigerant temp

  • Check superheat

  • Check sub-cooling

  • Inspect indoor coil

  • Inspect outdoor coil

  • Inspect refrigerant line and arm flex

  • Take amp draw of indoor fan motor

  • Inspect blower wheel

  • Inspect duct system

  • Inspect air handler and furnace levels and support

  • Check and flush drain line

  • Inspect evaporator coil

  • Check drain pan

  • Check the system for proper code installation