At THT Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating, we care about customer's comfort levels and we do our best to ensure that you are satisfied as it is our number one goal. A tune-up can save you money on repairs and replacement, energy, and time while keeping you safe and ensuring that your home receives proper airflow.

Cooling Tune-Up

You may need tune-up services if:

- Your AC isn't turning on

- Your AC is making noise

- Your AC is blowing warm air

- Your fan won't turn on

- Your AC is not cooling to desired temperature

Heating Tune-Up

You may need tune-up service if:

- Your Furnace/Heater isn't turning on

- Your Furnace/Heater is making noise

- Your Furnace/Heater is blowing cold air

- Your Furnace/Heater is not heating to desired temperature

What the tune-up should do for you?

- The tune-up should get you new air filters

- The tune-up should clear all debris away from the condenser and all around it as well
- The tune-up should get your outdoor and indoor units checked and to code
- The tune-up should get your heat pumps in check to code
- The tune-up will prevent any clogging
- The tune-up will check for any potential leaks
- The tune-up will check the charge level of your freon

While it may seem simple, please do not attempt to do a tune-up by yourself. It can lead to more problems, leaks, and missed issues (i.e., carbon monoxide leaks, faulty wiring, burn outs, and more). The safety of your home and family come first, so please do not attempt a DIY tune-up service for your unit, instead call a professionial.


Pro Tip: Don't wait until it gets too hot outside, schedule your tune-up early to avoid delays and scheduling conflicts. As it gets hotter outside more and more people need the tune-up service. Don't get caught on a waiting list and call us now at 214-575-2323 to schedule your tune-up today!