When you are home you want to relax and take a break from the all the stress that the outside world brings. What better way to relax than to sit back and enjoy doing things you love with the people you love. However, having bad air quality in your home can quickly put a damper on that. So here's what you need to know about air quality:

There are three kinds of pollutants that are commonly found in homes; Biological, Chemical and Combustion. Biological includes pollen, dust mites, mold and bacteria. Chemical includes volatile organic compounds. And lastly, combustion includes carbon monoxide and toxic gases. All three of these are not going to give you the comfort and easy breathing of good air quality.

Now you may want to know what causes bad air quality in your home, here are just a few common reasons:

- Dirty air filters

- Excess moisture

- Cleaning products (chemical based, non-organic, toxic)

- Vacuums

- Humidifiers

- Dirty units/systems

- Paint

What is air distribution?

"THT Mechanical" considered the behavior of air and how a poorly designed system will result in poor distribution of air throughout the house. So at THT Mechanical designing of installing an air distribution system is one of our main priorities; just like no two homes are the exact same, no two air patterns throughout the house are the same.

Having bad air quality in your home can lead to the following:

- Allergies

- Dizziness

- Nausea

- Fatigue

- Asthma

- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

- Irritation in your eyes and throat irritation

- Respiratory issues

- Rashes

- And much, much more

How to remove bad air quality from your home:

- Don't do it by yourself, call a professional help!

How to prevent bad air quality from invading your home:

- Always have clean air filters (changing them at least every 3 months)

- Routine maintenances

- Houseplants (they absorb benzene, mold spores, and allergen triggers)

- Organic/Natural products

We cannot stress the importance of air quality enough. Refrain from allergens, dust, pollutants, and irritants as they can all affect your air quality, your home's comfort level and your health. Let us analyze your air quality and make some suggestions that will help clean your air.