THT Mechanical offers duct installation and designs, as well. Having a clean and new duct can help calm dust, mold and debris related allergies, and allow you to maintain lower monthly costs.

Air Duct Sealing

To deliver air to the conditioned space air carriers, better known as ducts, are needed. At THT Mechanical we provide the following installations along with the ducts.

  • Installing Start collars.
  • Installing Dampers to Control the proper air flow.

THT Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating installs new air conditioning units in homes all throughout the North and South Dallas communities.To schedule the installation of a new air conditioning unit for your home call THT Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating at (214)575-2323 today! You can also reach us with any questions that you might have about the installation of new air conditioning units through our Contact Us page.

How we ensure you get the best service?

  • We install based on the state/city code.
  • We make sure that the duct isn't installed near hot equipment.
  • We make sure there is not direct sunlight on the duct itself as that can cause degradation.
  • We install for the now, not for any future changes down the line - as that cause cost more, and is not recommended.
  • We ensure that the hanger being used it four feet and we use a duct saddle.
  • We use approved materials only (i.e., tapes, clamps, etc).