Not only does Texas have hot summers but we have severe winters. With serving the North Dallas over 20 years we know what to expect during the winter season. From November to February is when the cold fronts hits, but don't worry you can give us a call at 214-575-2323.

Why Your Furnace or Heater Needs Repairs?

Possible issues that can cause your furnace system to stop working are:

    • Circuit Breaker Issues

    • Pilot Light Failure
    • Clogged Air Filter
    • Leaks in Ductwork
    • Failing Thermostat
    • Normal Wear and Tear
    • Lack of Manufacturer Required Maintenance

    These issues can be fixed, but these problems require a professional. At THT Mechanical we only have certified Technicians to diagnose and rectify the problem.

     Why Pick THT Mechanical?

    • We are available at all times during the week and weekend just in case of those emergencies
    • We take all major credit cards and offer Financing Plans to our customers
    • We never use fake or knock off products when repairing your HVAC units
    • We are well versed in Dallas Building Codes and abide by them
    • We are always able to give you a second opinion that is more accurate from work that has been done by other firms.

    We know how important is for you to stay warm during the holidays when family is over, that is why we offer our repair and instillation services from 8AM to 8PM Monday to Saturday. Stop your worrying and give us a call at 214-575-2323